Competitive sustainability of agricultural enterprises through the development of new products with added value based on alternative plant species (CORNUCOPIA)

Source of funding

Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia 2014-2020

Project partners

  1. National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre (NAIK),  Hungary
  2. Lendületben az Agro-Biotech Vállalkozás-fejlesztésért Innovatív Non-profit Alapítvány, Hungary
  3. European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia 
  4. Association of Gardeners Senta, Serbia
  5. Cereal Research Non-Profit Limited Company, Hungary
  6. University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture

Area of intervention

Encouraging innovation through cooperation between SMEs and research centers in which young people are involved

Project start

01. Apr 2018 – 31. Mar 2020

Project description

Main objective:
To enhance joint research to improve employment capacities and growth of the agro-food SMEs in the CBC region by implementating new technologies, new product development and sustainable use of natural resources. 

Specific objectives:
(1)    To analyse the shortcomings and opportunities for alternative agriculture production on the example of alternative plant species;
(2)    To develop teaching material for educational institutions and organizations, and for the media and institutions participating in policy creation in the cross-border region;
(3)    To improve the model of sustainable agriculture as a model for knowledge transfer;
(4)    To create innovative high quality products that will contribute to the development and success of farmers in the cross-border region between Serbia and Hungary.

Expected results:

  1. Improved research potential and capacities win terms of alternative plant species in Csongrád County and AP Vojvodina;
  2. Increased knowledge of agricultural producers and SMEs on alternative plant species, new insights in their employability and opportunities for improved growing methods;
  3. Enhanced competitiveness and development opportunities for producers and SMEs in the agro-food sector;
  4. Raised awareness and increased networking potential in terms of availability and usability of alternative plant species in AP Vojvodina and Csongrád County.

Main activities:
1. Project management activities
•    Procurement of research equipment
•    Research activities (new technologies/products)
•    Organization of workshops with young researchers
•    Exchange of young researchers
2. Development of teaching materials
•    Organization of training sessions
•    Organization of internet/social network training session to share knowledge
•    Organization of symposiums
3. Examination of market potentials
•    Analysis of export/import regulations
•    Brand development
•    BP catalogues
4. Regional forums
•    CBC association
•    Development of ICT tool
•    Study visits of agro-food SMEs in the border regions 
•    Organization of agro-food producers’ visits and project presentation.

Target groups:
Young agricultural producers, food processing enterprises, market traders specialized in alternative products, unemployed persons, students and researchers.

Further information 

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