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Working visit to Odžaci Municipality


The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Vidosava Enderić, Director, Branislav Srdić, Zoran Pavić, Dejana Luković have visited the municipality of Odžaci to provide support for the local self-government and met with Latinka Vasiljković, president of the municipality and her associates.

At the meeting, the representatives of Odžaci Municipality informed the guests about the ongoing projects whose ending would solve some long-standing burning problems, such as: the completion of infrastructure facilitation of the industrial zone, as well as of the reconstruction of the road bridge over the Danube–Tisa–Danube Canal on the Odžaci-Bački Gračac road, preparation of technical project documentation for Bački Gračac-Kruščić road and technical project documentation for Bački Brestovac-Srpski Miletić road, as well as the rehabilitation of the Health Centre, whereby the local self-government provided the municipality of Odžaci with a modern ultrasound appliance.
At the end of the meeting, in addition to solving the problems with drinking water and water supply, sewerage network and purifiers, Latinka Vasiljkovic, president of the municipality, pointed out that it was vital for the development of the municipality to promote the tourist potential of the municipality of Odžaci, such as the Sports and Recreation Center Štrand and the construction of a cycling route that would have international importance and that was to be regulated with the help of EU projects.