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The hand-over of equipment procured in the EU project EMBER


The equipment procured in the IPA project under the CBC Programme Croatia-Serbia - "Ever-moving border emergency response – EMBER" was presented on at 11.00 a.m on Thursday, 3 May 2018. 

The project was developed in response to the floods that hit our region in May 2014 and contributed to the enhancement of regional cooperation in the border area between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Croatia in terms of potential flooding in the Sava and the Danube river basins to a great extent. This project is only one in a series of projects being jointly implemented by institutions of AP Vojvodina and Vukovar-Srijem County with the support of the European Union. The Serbian project partners were: the  Provincial Government Secretariat, European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism, whereas the members of the working group: the PWMC "Vode Vojvodine", Red Cross of Vojvodina, the City of Sremska Mitrovica and Šid Municipality.

One of the important project results is the equipment that the PWMC "Vode Vojvodina" has received to use by the Decision of the Provincial Government of 21 March 2018. The PWMC "Vode Vojvodine" Novi Sad have been given the following on use: gasoline and diesel generators, mobile light tower with generator - trailer, several types of lamps, sandbag filling machine, combined machine - loader, water pump, drinking water tanks, tents, PVC floors for tents, folding beds, bedspreads, folding seating sets, sleeping bags, rubber boat with a trailer and a laptop.

The equipment is located in the building of the PWMC "Vode Vojvodine" warehouse, near the Novi Sad hydro-knot, specially built for flood protection in the territory of Vojvodina. The total value of the approved budget for project partners from the Republic of Serbia was around EUR 440,000. The donation of 85% amounting to close to EUR 375,000 was provided by the European Union, while the co-financing of 15% was provided by the project partners from the Republic of Serbia, i.e. by the Provincial Government.


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