The third generation of the Programme “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds“ (hereinafter: the Programme), implemented by the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, Department of Novi Sad, successfully completed the course.

Given that each year substantial EU funds are allocated for project implementation at the national, regional and local level in the European Union and pre-accession countries, and in compliance with the Action Plan for the Realisation of the Priorities defined under the AP Vojvodina Development Programme 2014-2020, the main objective of the Programme ’’Management of Regional Development through EU Funds’’ is information dissemination on EU processes and regional policies, as well as on the importance and opportunities for accessing EU funds. The Programme offers detailed information on a range of EU funds and programmes under which projects in different fields (environmental protection, economy, education, culture, etc.) are funded, development of successful projects, management of approved projects and control of the spending of EU funds.

Specific objectives of the program are:
  • to gain specific knowledge on different stakeholders and institutions in the decision-making process and legislative procedures in the European Union, especially in regional policy;
  • to train participants in the preparation, planning and implementation of development projects;
  • to gain insight into the structure of EU funds and programmes, with special emphasis on the programmes available to beneficiaries in Serbia;
  • to gain an understanding of the importance and impact of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA);
  • to gain knowledge necessary for an adequate application of EU regulations;
  • to establish an institutional network of partnership among the trainees.

The curriculum involves the implementation of the Programme in four modules (Economics, law and policies of the European Union and the accession process; Management of local and regional development; Programmes of the European Union; and Project Management) with 23 teaching disciplines with a class load of 200 lessons of active teaching in total.
The time frame of the Programme is 13 working weeks (involving all 4 modules). The lectures are held on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. The teaching involves classical lectures, interactive workshops, case studies, seminar papers and hands-on experience in preparing project ideas for EU funds. Venue: Faculty of Economics in Subotica, Department of Novi Sad.
The lecturers are experts having extensive theoretic background and practical experience in the management of EU funds and programmes, such as the EU programmes and Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA).
The programme is aimed at the employees of:
  • provincial administration,
  • local self-government units,
  • development agencies,
  • local economic development offices,
  • municipal tourism organisations,
  • public and public utility enterprises,
  • cultural institutions,
  • civil society organisations (associations, NGOs, etc.).
  • higher education institutions, institutes and research institutions,
  • and other institutions that may be beneficiaries of EU funds.
Criteria for the participants:
  • Higher education qualification at a second degree studies (graduate studies - master’s degree, specialized academic studies, specialised professional studies), i.e. first degree studies, lasting at least four years.  
  • Persons dealing with the European Union or certain aspects of its operation within their scope of work activities;
  • Motivation of the candidate to attend all modules of the Programme (motivation letter within the application form)
  • Computer skills (MSOffice package);
  • The availability to attend all modules.
 Selection criteria:
  • Balanced involvement of candidates with and without experience in the development and implementation of national and international projects, with the aim of exchanging and transferring experience between the participants during the interactive work,
  • Engagement of candidates from all municipalities with the aim of promoting a balanced regional development in the territory of AP Vojvodina,
  • Balanced representation of all educational profiles of higher education.
NOTE: The complete Programme is funded by the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.
The Programme "Management of Regional Development through EU Funds'' started in May 2017, whereas the lectures ended in November 2017.