Ambassador Predrag Filipov, a member of the Expert Council of the Office for European Affairs

Novi Sad, 16 October – Former ambassador of the state union in Japan, Dr. Predrag Filipov has accepted the invitation of the Office for European Affairs of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina to become a member of its Expert Council. In his discussion with Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, Ambassador Filipov said that he responded to the invitation because he felt the need to use his knowledge on local self-government and four-year experience in diplomacy to contribute to the work of the Office. “Political elites and state institutions have to give top priority to considering the need to reintroduce Serbia as a reliable, responsible and predictable partner in the international community. Only when viewed as such can Serbia expect to be accepted as an equal interlocutor”, said Ambassador Filipov, adding that Serbia’s integration into the European Union was a civilization and economic necessity of our country and its citizens.

“The positive attitude of the majority of Serbia’s citizens towards European integration simply imposes the necessity of everyone’s engagement in that direction, if we want to think of ourselves as socially responsible persons. Bearing in mind that the activities of the Office for European Affairs are complementary to our country’s proclaimed foreign policy goals, I think that every effort leading to our citizens’ economic welfare is justified”, said Dr. Filipov with an explanation that participation in the Office’s activities would require additional work engagement, but it would also bring him great satisfaction “if the ideals of healthy, rich and world-renowned Serbia, and at the same time our Vojvodina were achieved in the near future”.

The Director of the Office for European Affairs, Predrag Novikov indicated that the time and challenges ahead of us required the reunion of democratic and pro-European forces in the country and thanked Ambassador Filipov on his willingness to use once again his knowledge, rich experience and energy for the vision of European Serbia.