Vojvodina is Serbia on the right road

“Vojvodina is Serbia on the right road”, said Dr. Veselin Veličkov, President of the Municipal Assembly of Dimitrovgrad, and expressed his gratitude for the assistance the Office for European Affairs had offered to that region. Moreover, it was pointed out that yesterday’s signing of Memorandum on Cooperation did not mark the beginning of cooperation between the Office for European Affairs and Dimitrovgrad, since a series of training sessions for the representatives of municipalities of South Serbia had been realised at the Office for European Affairs in Novi Sad. Gratitude was also expressed for the visit to European institutions and partner regions of Vojvodina in Brussels in 2008. Thus, Vojvodina clearly became a link with the institutions in Brussels and regions across Europe. The discussion also addressed the possibility of participation of Dimitrovgrad and other municipalities from South Serbia at the Investment Fair “INVESTEXPO“, traditionally held at the Novi Sad Fair in autumn, when investment locations would be presented. Taking into consideration the similarity between Dimitrovgrad and municipalities of Vojvodina in their multinational structure, the Vice-president of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Martin Zloh supported the wish to realise joint projects in culture and support for national minorities.