Norwegian Office and Vojvodina European Office in Brussels organised a presentation on Vojvodina priorities

On the basis of cooperation between the Norwegian organisation, Brussels Office and Vojvodina European Office in Brussels, there was a presentation on the key priorities of the activities of Vojvodina European Office in the future.

“We raised the bar high and despite the current economic challenges, we are sure that when it comes to new European projects, Vojvodina can record a three-digit result. We expect new projects in the field of infrastructure and road network, support for SMEs, management of water and forest resources, prevention of consequences of natural disasters, education, etc. Of course, in cooperation with Vojvodina Investment Fund (VIP), we plan new initiatives both in Brussels and other European capitals related to the attraction of new investment and presentation of Vojvodina as a safe, stable and predictable partner“ , said Predrag Novikov, head of Vojvodina European Office in Brussels. There were more than forty participants at the meeting.