A report on Serbia’s progress in the European integration process has been published

A report on Serbia’s progress in the European integration process was published, and the Department of Culture announced Serbia’s formal accession to the new cycle of Creative Europe: Serbia participated in the Creative Europe 2014-2020 program, promoted and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Also, Antena Kultura Deska Creative Europe Serbia, which was formed within the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, has actively participated in the successful promotion of the program. Since its inception, Antenna provides education to interested institutions, provides advice and technical support to potential applicants, and works diligently to promote the program. In this way, not only are innovative projects encouraged and togetherness is encouraged, but also a culture is being rehabilitated which, due to the lack of support in some of its segments, has slowed down with development.

In cooperation with Desk, Antena promotes modern concepts of international cooperation, modern program and business policy in the field of culture, strengthens the capacities of domestic cultural institutions and civil society organizations for international cooperation, encourages interdisciplinarity, interdepartmental and intersectoral cooperation and cooperates with public, civil and private sectors. , individuals, informal groups and networks.

Serbian cultural organizations have been successful in all areas of the program and have made good use of a special call for support for cooperation projects in the Western Balkans. As for Serbia’s accession to Creative Europe 2021-2027, an agreement and a ticket have been agreed with Serbian authorities and the process of signing a new agreement is under way. Full accession is scheduled for the last quarter of 2021.

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