A meeting of coordination groups for the utilization of EU funds in Vojvodina

In accordance with the priorities of the Vojvodina administration to optimize the utilization of pre-accession funds of the European Union, the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina has organized a meeting that brought together more than 60 representatives of municipalities, secretariats, development agencies and other institutions that are interested in European funds. The priorities of the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels were presented at the event. In addition, it was also indicated that it was important for municipalities to perform in Brussels and other European capitals, so that they could improve the quality of their performance for attracting foreign investment and implementation of European projects. Areas where significant investment from European funds can be expected in the future are the following: infrastructure, energy, environmental protection, sport, culture, water management, local development and similar. The task of the abovementioned coordination groups is to provide all relevant information regarding new funds and their utilization, as well as to present the development priorities of local self-governments and other institutions.