Promotion of Canal Network of Vojvodina

The meeting of the Work Group and Steering Committee of the European project, Waterways Forward is being held today and tomorrow in the Netherlands. Apart from the Public Water Management Company “Vode Vojvodine” and the Office for European Affairs, the project participants are also partners from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands, as the host.

“Our strong orientation is directed at the European future. The Province of Vojvodina sees the European integration processes through the strengthening of partnerships with EU regions. Speaking in favour of that is the fact that the Office for European Affairs has provided support for the strengthening of partnerships with a number of European regions. Our strategic interest is for Vojvodina to participate in the Waterways Forward Project since in our view, water resources are among the key ones in our economy. Regional cooperation is a priority for our province and we are striving to strengthen it. Therefore, it is of great significance to be here in the Netherlands today among world experts in waterways and canals. Moreover, to serve as a reminder, great success has been achieved on the basis of this cooperation, and of course, that was the World Canal Conference held in our country last year”, said Dražen Lovri?, Project Coordinator for Vojvodina, Office for European Affairs.