Results of the call for proposals for 2019 European Cooperation Projects

The results of the call for proposals for 2019 European Co-operation Projects have been published. 15 projects in total, in which 14 organizations from Serbia will participate, have been approved. These are three lead projects: Stories Behind Cities (Novi Sad, Rijeka and Timisoara), led by the Inbox Art Association, moreover, BITE – Introduction of a new business model into European contemporary art operators to generate a new young audience led by Association of Citizens BUM, in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade and Color Media Communication are participating, and the Beyond Quantum Music project, in which the Lead Beneficiary is the Institute of Musicology SANU and New Art Centre is a partner.
Moreover, other project partners are the following:
• Children’s Cultural Center in the Young Theatre on the Move project;
• KROKODIL Association in projects: Reading Balkans: Borders vs. Frontiers, The Ulysses’ Shelter: Building Writers-in-Residence Network 2 and Connecting Emerging Literary Artists;
• EXIT Foundation in the Hub for Music Innovation in Central and South-Eastern Europe and MOST – The Complex Strategy to develop the Balkan World Music Scene projects;
• Foundation “Novi Sad 2021” in the European Outdoor Arts Academy: School of Participation project;
• Kulturanova Association in the following projects: TRAINART – Building new skills for innovative business models in the performing arts sector, Z Elements: Artistic experiences and exchanges to attract younger audience through Transmedia co-creations,
• PLAVO theatre – theatre laboratory in the Inclusive Theatre (S) project;
• Centre for the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles in the A New European Generation – Exploring Freedom and Identity through Creative Integration project;
• Foundation “B92 Fund” in the Paint the Change project.
Congratulations on the exceptional results to all institutions and organizations that have worked hard and whose efforts have paid off!
The list of other supported projects is published on the website of the European Commission.