Residents of Vojvodina and the EU play sports for health physical fitness and relaxation

A Conference was held at the Rectorate of the University of Novi Sad on the occasion of the presentation of the scientific research project “Eurobarometer: Physical activity of the population of Vojvodina in the context of European integration”. Citizens of the European Union and citizens of Vojvodina are equally engaged in physical exercise and sports, and when it comes to engaging in so called physical lifestyle activities, the population of Vojvodina is more active, reads one of the conclusions of the presentation of the results of the research project.

The director of the “European Affairs” Fund of AP Vojvodina, Vidosava Enderić, pointed out that the results of this project are of special importance for the EU integration process, especially from the aspect of evaluating public health and sports policy, i.e. developing a cross-sectoral approach to physical activity promotion.

One of the conclusions of the research imposes the need to create a strategy to promote physical activity, encourage exercise among young people at school and university, but also enrich the offer for the elderly in fitness centers, sports clubs and sports centers. Also, it is necessary for local communities to provide conditions for engaging in physical activity of older residents, as well as residents of lower educational and economic status, through the offer of free or subsidized physical activity programmes.

Director Enderić emphasized that the results of this project and the conclusions that have been drawn speak in favor of the fact that it is very important to continue with such projects that will enable as many Vojvodina residents as possible access to the right information and content, and the “European Affairs” Fund of AP Vojvodina will always support and monitor such goals, as evidenced by the hitherto extremely successful cooperation with the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education

In addition to the director Enderić, the meeting was addressed by the Provincial Secretary for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Zoran Milošević PhD, Prof. Sanja Podunavac Kuzmanović PhD, vice-rector for teaching at the University of Novi Sad, Prof. Nebojsa Maksimović PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Novi Sad and Prof. Višnja Đorđić PhD, project manager.