“European Affairs” Fund visits NAPA

Representatives of the “European Affairs” Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina visited the National Academy for Public Administration in order to acquaint both institutions with the activities they are carrying out and plans for the next period. The meeting held on 2nd of September was an opportunity to exchange experiences as well as proposals for potential joint activities.
The director of the Fund, Aleksandar Simurdić, presented the Specialist Program “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds”, which will include about 1,200 employees in local self-government units. Considering that the goal of the program is to transfer knowledge and strengthen the capacity of public administration in local self-government units, Dejan Miletić, the director of NAPA, pointed out that the Academy will support this program with its experience in this field and expressed readiness to achieve synergies in future work on strengthening local government capacity.
The program for VIII generation of students represents the first, comprehensive strengthening of the personnel and institutional capacities of AP Vojvodina, which includes all 45 units of local self-government from the territory of AP Vojvodina.
The program is intended for employees in local self-government units and includes three modules aimed at public procurement, management accountability and capacity development for EU access to funding sources.
The program will be realized in cooperation with the University of Novi Sad and will begin on 6th of September 2021, with lectures within Module I.