Heading for the Creative Europe programme 2014-2020

How some of our most visited events a year ago looked like seems a bit unusual from today’s perspective, but we believe that we will soon continue to gather in large numbers. The occasion will certainly be the new Creative Europe 2021-2027 program, about which we will publish more information at the beginning of March.

In order to increase the number of participants from Serbia, Kultura Desk Srbija and Antena Kultura Deska KE Srbija have continuously organized a large number of events over the past 7 years (as many as 228), including seminars, trainings and other educational activities that transfer knowledge and skills necessary for applying for financial support of the Creative Europe programme, conferences in the field of cultural policy and cultural management, informative meetings and programme presentations, presentations of successful projects from Serbia, the region and Europe, as well as various types of projects related to audience development, career advancement, modern business and program models, as well as other Creative Europe programme priorities.


In over 40 cities and municipalities throughout Serbia, we presented the Creative Europe programme, worked on strengthening the capacity of domestic institutions and organizations in terms of developing European cooperation and in general, in terms of acquiring new knowledge and skills necessary to improve the entire cultural system.

Our hosts and partners have been cultural institutions and civil society organisations that in our environment can be considered leaders in the field of art and culture, but also local governments that strategically think about international cooperation and cultural diplomacy. This is just a current statistical review, because we will continue with new activities this month.

In order to be ready to open a new programme Creative Europe 2021-2027, Desk KE Serbia has announced a public call for applications for participation in the in-house training program in the field of culture. Desk Creative Europe Serbia sends a public invitation to all cultural institutions and civil society organizations to submit proposals for participation in the in-house training program, which includes direct work with the team of the public institution or citizens’ association that is applying. A minimum of seven cultural institutions or civil society organizations will be selected within the public call, and the training will be realized during the first half of 2021. The training will be organized according to epidemiological recommendations and in accordance with the Covid 19 protection measures.