Vojvodina part of “Europe of Opportunities”

The Secretary General of the Committee of the Regions, Jirji Buriyanek, has recently disclosed the information that the application of AP Vojvodina and its partners for participation at the 17th European Week of Regions and Cities (ENRG), which will be held in Brussels, 7-10 October 2019, has been accepted.
Similar to last year, AP Vojvodina will be part of the partnership “Europe of Opportunities” along with the following regions: the Alpine Euroregion (South Tyrol, Trento, Tyrol); Carinthia (Austria); Union of Municipalities of Attica (Greece); Veneto, Marche, Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy); Norland (Norway); Pomorskie Region, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region (Poland); Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseille (France); City of Castellón and Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). See the official partnership card! The Italian region of Veneto is again the Lead Partner.
AP Vojvodina is planned to be presented through the promotion of the City of Novi Sad, the European Youth Capital for 2019, i.e. the policies being implemented in that context. The presentation will be held in the afternoon, on 8th October 2019 at the headquarters of the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. During the European Week of the Regions and Cities, the delegation of AP Vojvodina at the highest level will also be paying a working visit to Brussels, and this opportunity will be used to promote further the province and enhance relationship with other European regions.
Discussions between the regions and cities to form this partnership started at the beginning of the year, and the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels hosted one of the meetings at which representatives of more than ten regions and cities from all over Europe gathered at the premises of the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the EU in Brussels.