Vojvodina at the Interreg forum in Brussels

On 22 March 2018, the representatives of the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels participated in the fourth interregional cooperation forum in Brussels within the framework of the Interreg Europe programme.

Interreg Europe is one of the largest programmes within the European Regional Development Fund and it is aimed at the structural development of the European Union. Although entities from the Republic of Serbia, i.e. AP Vojvodina are still not eligible to apply for funds since they are reserved only for the EU member states, it was an opportunity to discuss with high officials of the Interreg Vojvodina’s greater involvement in the future. The conclusion was that it was a mutual goal to find a modality for potential cooperation in a pre-accession period, following up on the EU commitment outlined in the EU Enlargement Strategy, which was published mid-February.

Stakeholders from Vojvodina can gain know-how and experience through the Interreg platform (“Policy learning platform”), and participate in projects, thus improving the capacities so as to be ready for the access of the Republic of Serbia to the development funds. Moreover, provincial institutions, local self-governments and other entities can find over 100 examples of implemented development projects on the website www.interegeurope.eu, which can serve as examples of good practice in meeting the needs of local self-governments in AP Vojvodina.