Vojvodina presented at the European Parliament in Brussels by the Assembly of European Regions

The closing conference of the European project “Promoting Youth Employment“ has been held at the European Parliament. The event was organised by the Assembly of European Regions (AER). The programme, in which AP Vojvodina was one of the participants, in addition to partners from the Azores, Hempshire and Croatian Krapina – Zagorje County, gathered experts in the field of employment and representatives of the European Parliament and European Commission.

Predrag Novikov, head of Vojvodina European Office in Brussels, presented the priorities of the province with reference to employment, paying special attention to the creation of new jobs implemented by the Government of Vojvodina through the support for young PhDs, subsidies to companies hiring a trainee, etc. Furthermore, Novikov presented European projects which were implemented in Vojvodina and which created new opportunities for employment.

The representatives of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, headed by Maja Sedlarević, participated in projects which were implemented together with AER. AER is an institution which currently gathers 253 European regions and Vojvodina has been a member of this prestigious institution for years. It was stressed at the meeting that the establishment of Vojvodina European Office in Brussels opened new opportunities to continue and intensify cooperation with this significant institution.