Vojvodina participates in the European Regional Economic Forum

The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina is participating in the European Regional Economic Forum (EREF) in Nova Gorica, Slovenia through the Office for European Affairs. The topic of the forum is strengthening regional cooperation, as an instrument of economic policy, and design of new European projects, which can contribute to the Euro integration process in South East Europe. “At the conference, we also discussed about the measures to build the institutional capacities necessary for the implementation of European standards and regulations and most efficient use of pre-accession funds with the representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and other relevant institutions from Brussels.

At the meeting with Slovenian colleagues, both sides expressed interest in strengthening economic cooperation, especially designing projects on innovation and new technologies. The Slovenian colleagues accepted our invitation for an economic delegation to visit Vojvodina, so that trade and other forms of cooperation could be increased. Moreover, they also accepted our invitation to participate at the fairs of investment and energetics to be held at the Novi Sad Fair in autumn. I believe it will be a good opportunity for municipalities of Vojvodina to attract new capital, employ their resources and use their capacities, especially regarding the use of wind, biomass and hydroenergy, for which I believe there are solid preconditions”. During the conference, in separate meetings, Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, talked to the representatives of the regions of Emilia Romagna, Varaždin and Styria. A representative of the University of Novi Sad also attended the event and an agreement on cooperation with the University of Nova Gorica was reached.