Vojvodina in the Adriatic cooperation programmes

The representatives of the region of Molise have officially supported the initiative for participation of representatives of Vojvodina and other parts of Republic of Serbia in the Adriatic cooperation programmes at the meeting aimed at strengthening regional cooperation, on the proposal of the representative of the Office for European Affairs.

During his visit to Italy, Predrag Novikov also visited the Science and Technology Park of Molise, established by the University, Chamber of Commerce of Molise and private investors. “The strategic interest of the Province of Vojvodina is to support the development of science and technology parks modelled on our Italian friends, because they are a link between university scientific research and economy. Continuous product quality improvement is the safest way to perform in highly competent world markets. In Italy’s experience, private sector has great interest in directing research into areas which could improve the quality of production process and development of new products. On the basis of the Memorandum on Cooperation, we enabled our colleagues from Užice and Dimitrovgrad to be present in Italy, where they could meet our Italian partners and learn about new projects initiatives. As a result, March is the month when the colleagues from the Molise region are expected to visit our city, Užice and Dimitrovgrad, where possibilities for cooperation in agricultural production will be taken into special consideration”, said Predrag Novikov, after the working visit.