A Vojvodinian project in front of EU partners

Trieste, Italy, 10 September – Since the Executive Council of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina is a participant in the European project MATRIOSCA, a meeting of the representatives of Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina has been held in Trieste today. The meeting discussed the project “Centre of Highest Quality – Knowledge Management at Regional Level”, which the representatives of Vojvodina proposed. The project should give clear support to regional development within the Adria-Alpe-Pannonia region by establishing a mechanism for transfer of knowledge. ”Our project aims at transfer of knowledge to those who need it and at time when it is necessary. As far as the implementation of European structural funds is concerned, it is necessary to forward information on the rules and procedures in due time and correct form to all relevant institutions in our country. In order to use the chance Europe offers, the mentioned institutions, and especially municipalities, should establish expert teams in the shortest possible time, so that they could be engaged in the topic. This project is creating a framework for support to this process and by transfer of experience of our partners from the EU. On this occasion, I would specially like to emphasize the role of the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies “Vojvodina CESS”, which will directly be engaged in project implementation”, said Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, after the meeting in Trieste.