May the good from Europe arrive to Serbia’s regions

Novi Sad, 14 February – In the past few weeks, Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, has appeared as a guest on the following TV stations: K9 and IN in Kragujevac, and TV5 in Niš. The topics which aroused the greatest interest of citizens of Kragujevac and Niš were the significance and role of regions and use of EU IPA Funds. “Vojvodina’s strategic priorities are modernization and further Europeisation of the country. In order to be able to implement that policy more efficiently, it is necessary for other parts of the country to develop greater understanding of our efforts. Vojvodina, as the leader of regional and cross-border cooperation, wants to transfer its knowledge and experience to others. Therefore, it is important for the good to arrive also to Kragujevac, Niš, Valjevo, Dimitrovgrad and other parts of the country”, said Predrag Novikov.

The colleagues from the aforementioned cities were informed about Vojvodina’s contacts with partnership regions across Europe, and particular stress was put on the importance of Vojvodina’s and other regions’ joint appearance in Brussels.