Delegation of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina visited Brussels

Novi Sad/Brussels, 29 April – The Office for European Affairs, Committee of the Regions and permanent representatives of Italy, Austria and Slovakian regions have organized a visit to Brussels for the delegation of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the presidents of the municipalities of Medveđa, Dimitrovgrad and Kula, and the representatives of the Regional Development Agency for Banat and Regional Economic Chamber of Sombor. At the meeting with the representatives of our country, Jos Chabert, Chairman of the Working Group on the Western Balkans, Committee of the Regions, expressed his gratitude to Vojvodina on the role it has in the region regarding the promotion of European standards, especially regional cooperation and protection of minority rights. The representatives of the Committee of the Regions expressed their willingness to enable faster and easier access to other EU institutions, with particular reference to training and establishing direct contacts, for the administration of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

“Since Vojvodina is in European neighborhood, and since we have a qualitative partnership and cooperation with the regions all over the continent, we are aware of the opportunities and advantages the EU offers. We are going to continue to work on capacity building and employment growth, fostering our multiculturalism”, pointed out Martin Zloh, Vice-president of the Assembly of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Veselin Veličkov, President of Dimitrovgrad Municipality, expressed his wish to establish closer ties between South Serbia and Vojvodina in order to use the potentials and knowledge on the EU, which Vojvodina has already been using, with particular reference to regional cooperation. “Only the creation of new workplaces and improvement in standards can stop human migration, which is a part of our everyday life in Medveđa”, said Slobodan Drašković, President of Medveđa Municipality. “The Development Strategy, which is to be adopted, outlines Kula’s goal – a municipality ready for life and work in the EU, for which I believe, we have no alternative”, said Svetozar Bukvić, President of Kula Municipality.