Vojvodina s good cooperation with Hesse continues in Brussels

The cooperation between AP Vojvodina and German federal state of Hesse has been developing for years: during the German’s delegation visit of Novi Sad in February, the presidents of the two governments, Igor Mirović and Volker Bouffier agreed, among other things, on closer cooperation between the representative offices of the two provinces in Brussels. In this regard, the representatives of the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels attended the annual reception organized by the Hessian State Representation in May, just as in previous years, and yesterday, Friedrich von Heusinger, Head of the Representation, hosted a meeting with the representatives of AP Vojvodina in Brussels.

Srđan Mačkić, Head of Vojvodina European Office in Brussels informed the host about the activities of the Office, as well as ongoing issues in the Republic of Serbia and AP Vojvodina. The newly formed Development Agency of Vojvodina and mutual cooperation in the field of economy were discussed into more detail. In addition, Friedrich von Heusinger inquired about the process of European integration of the Republic of Serbia and the role of the provincial government in it. An agreement was made to organize a meeting with Tamara Hajji, Head of the Department for EU Policy at the Hessian State Representation in Brussels in the coming period, so as to discuss concrete cooperation in that area, especially in projects available to AP Vojvodina.