The second foreign guest lecturer on the Specialised Programme Management of Regional Development through EU Funds

On Saturday, October 17, a lecture was given by the second foreign guest lecturer in the framework of the Specialized Programme “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds“. Jelena Vidović, project manager at the Business Support Centre,Kranj – Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, Republic of Slovenia – presented to the participants the the main function of the Agency as well as successfully implemented EU projects.
The Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska was founded in 1995 and has over 200 realized European projects. Projects in the field of culture, tourism, sports, economy, energy efficiency, digitalization, mobility, etc. were presented. The Republic of Slovenia, as an EU member, has a much larger number of available funds and EU programs compared to all countries in the pre-accession process. They also have access to cross-border IPA programs, which are familiar to Programme participants, given that in Module 3 they were introduced to the available IPA programs in the Republic of Serbia.

In order for the project to be written, Jelena Vidović mentioned that the topic must be acceptable in the call of a certain EU program to which we want to apply. What is current and what is expected in the new budget perspective 2021 – 2027 are, among other things, projects on the topic of digitalization, smart specializations and mobility.

The lecture was interactive, although it was held via the Zoom application.
Also, the participants expressed great satisfaction and gratitude towards lecturer for useful guidelines, advices and feedbacks.

The European Affairs Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina continues its excellent cooperation with Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, with which it has signed the cooperation agreement.