European Union approved €17.8 million to support 69 projects

The results of the First Call for Proposals under the Serbia-Hungary IPA Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) Programme have been announced at the press conference held at the European Affairs Fund. “The European Union has approved the funding of 69 projects of the total number of 170 submitted ones within the CBC between our two states.

The total funding amount exceeds €17.8 million and this is significant support for development initiatives in our province. More than €4.8 million will be aimed at 5 projects related to the reconstruction of cross-border infrastructure and local road network, €328,000 will be directed at a project on public transport, whilst €3.7 million will be invested in 6 projects in the field of water resources management. Special importance has been shown to education, which will receive over €3.2 million, whereas more than €2 million will be aimed at 8 projects on research, new technologies and innovation. Institutions from Subotica, Sombor, Ada, Kanjiža and Kikinda have performed especially well under this Call, while Novi Sad has gained support for a project of the Museum of Vojvodina, worth in total €246,000, as well as for a project on health care for elderly persons at their homes, worth around €90,000. New Calls under CBC Programmes are expected this autumn”, said Predrag Novikov, Director of the European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina.