“European Village” the fourth school year in a row

Based on the cooperation with the City of Zrenjanin and through the partnership with elementary schools on the entire territory of Zrenjanin, the successful “European Village” project has been being implemented for four school years. The project has been implemented in the form of interactive lectures, quizzes and pupils’ preparation for the presentation of a particular country, its specificities, culture and tradition within the framework of the final event traditionally organized in the center of the City of Zrenjanin.

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP of Vojvodina, Teodora Milkov Manić, Jelena Radosavljević Rovčanin, Milan Čezek and Zoran Pavić, have been informing the sixth-grade pupils about the origins of the European Union, its history, culture and tradition of the peoples and countries that make up modern Europe.

The EU Info Point has been included in the “European Village” village for two years. The representatives of the EU Info Point, Jovana Zdjelarević, Marina Grnja Kljajić, Aleksandra Kapetanović and Duška Latas, have been giving the quiz “How well do you know the EU?” to the pupils.

During the first week, the “European Village” class was held in the following elementary  schools: “Žarko Zrenjanin” in Zrenjanin, “Jovan Dučić” in Klek, “Branko Ćopić” in Lukićevo, “Uroš Predić” in Orlovat, “Mladost” in Tomaševac, “1. oktobar” in Botoš, “Sonja Marinković” in Zrenjanin, “Đura Jakšić” in Zrenjanin, “Dr Jovan Cvijić” in Zrenjanin and “Petar Petrović Njegoš” in Zrenjanin.