Economic challenges must not be a hindrance to the European path

As a result of joint initiatives, the provincial Office for European Affairs, the EU Integration Office of Serbian Government, Embassy of the Republic of Austria and Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden have been discussing with the students of Novi Sad faculties at Radio Café. On that occasion, the activities of the institutions with reference to Europeisation in our country and programmes aimed at young people were presented.

“The current economic crisis and financial challenges on world markets must not be an excuse for hindering the process of Europeisation in our country. Partnership among all levels of state administration is crucial on this path, and our closest partner is certainly the EU Integration Office of Serbian Government, with which we have been working toward the same goals: turning toward the future, modernization of the country, reform of administration, implementation of European standards, regional cooperation, economic prosperity and opening of new opportunities for the citizens of our country. Likewise, I would especially like to thank the Ambassadors of Sweden and Austria, who have been in Novi Sad today, and who have expressed their views on the main challenges ahead of us and given a clear support to European forces in our country”, said Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs.