Živka Park from the French Parliament- guest lecturer within the Specialised Programme – ‘France’s Ecological Transition Policy & Action since 2017 European Fundings benefiting to a French local territory (case study of the Val d’Oise)’

Within the framework of the 7th cycle of the Specialised Programme “Management of Regional Development through EU funds”,, which the European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina successfully realises with the Educons University, on October 2nd 2020, an online lecture  from Živka Park of the French Parliament was held. The topics analysed were: ‘France’s Ecological Transition Policy & Action since 2017’ and ‘European Fundings benefiting to a French local territory (case study of the Val d’Oise)’.

During the lecture, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with examples of successfully implemented projects funded by EU donations, which were implemented in the department of the Valley of the Oasis (Val-d’Oise), which belongs to the Paris region in northern France and includes 185 municipalities. It was also very useful for the participants to hear how Serbia can make better use of EU funds, how the population can be motivated to apply faster and more efficiently for EU funds, as well as about the challenges in the field of environment.

Živka Park, who is originally from Serbia, within the French Parliament was elected a member of the Oasis Valley in the French National Assembly. She is also the president of the “French-Serbian Friendship” parliamentary group, which aims to strengthen friendship between the two countries.