Completed Evaluation within the Call for Ideas in the Cultural and Creative Industries Sector

As part of the “Virtual Incubation and Acceleration Program for Empowering Actors in the Cultural and Creative Industries” of the CCI4Tourism project, on 12th April, 2021, a Call for Ideas in the Sector of Cultural and Creative Industries was announced.

An evaluation of the received ideas was conducted, and out of 13 submitted ideas on various topics, the evaluation commission decided to accept the following 9 ideas: Region of special experiences (Center for the development of social knowledge HORIZON 21- CREATIVE VOJVODINA); Earth Construction Platform (Fine Crafts Club); Jugoland Theme Eco-Park (Mini Yugoslavia); Different paths of Novi Sad (Red Line); Interactive map of Bačko Podunavlje (Green Head doo); VR Beacon (Dragan Vladic); Performapp (Novi Sad Section of the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO); Souvenir of the Petrovaradin Fortress (Interart) and the Imperial Wine Road (Women and Wine).

The evaluation was completed on July 14th, 2021. The organizations, whose ideas have been selected, will participate in the Creative HUB and will have the right to education and services that will be organized within the HUB, as well as to the use of available digital equipment.