The training “Prospects and chances of sports associations from the territory of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina of EU project participation” has finished

The overall aim of five-day course has been to enable participants, representatives of approximately thirty sports associations of Vojvodina to manage EU funds, create projects and programmes on their own and place them strategically in the framework of defined priorities and available financial resources. During the course, the attendees developed skills and approaches necessary for taking an active role in the design and implementation of development projects at local and regional level.

After the course, the participants were able to recognise the following aims:

– Presentation of the significance of EU pre-accession instruments,

– Introduction into management, basic characteristics and programming of available funds in the framework of EU pre-accession assistance,

– Introduction into the concepts of cross-border cooperation programmes,

– Introduction into and practical use of logical framework approach in the formulation and development of project idea,

– Project cycle management,

– Introduction into and acquisition of skills in the use of instruments for project preparation,

– Introduction into the criteria for project idea quality evaluation,

– Presentation of successful projects.

Subjects covered by the seminar:

– Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA),

– Cross-Border Cooperation Programme (CBC),

– Stakeholder analysis,

– Identification of problems and formulation of objectives by means of problem tree and goal tree,

– Planning phase: overall objective, specific objectives, results and activities of the project,

– Drafting of concept note,

– Approach to logical framework,

– Filling in the logical framework on the basis of attendees’ project ideas,

– Drafting of project budget in accordance with the programme rules.


After the seminar, the attendees were rewarded with certificates issued by the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth.