InePS Cooperation Project with Italy completed

The Final Conference of Italy – Serbia Bilateral Cooperation Project on Local Development and Negotiated Programming (INePS Project) has been held organized by the Office for European Affairs. During a three-year period, a number of activities were carried out, which aimed at institutional building, transfer of European standards, and especially investment attraction and strengthening of economic relations. ”During this time, we completed a lot of projects in our province, in which implementation the Executive Council participated. On this occasion, I would like to mention the following:

1. Local development and valorization of cultural heritage, project budget €56,000, which was completed in cooperation with the University and Museum from Palermo, Villa Fratti Theatre, and on our side, Matica Srpska, Bač Municipality and University of Novi Sad. The project involved restoration work on Bač Monastery and Greek Catholic Church in Sicily.

2. Integrated governance of cluster and value added chains, project budget €98,000. The Italian partners in this project were the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italian Federation of Industrial District, whereas on our side, it was the University of Novi Sad. The project aimed at the development of local clusters and establishment of relations with Italian partners.

3. Cooperation in the field of entrepreneurial and scientific development, project budget over €100,000. The economic representative office of Molise Region will also be financed within this project. The Italian partners are the Chamber of Economy of Molise and its capital Campobasso, whereas on our side, the city of Novi Sad.

4. Tourism territorial pact in South Bačka District, project budget €158,000. The Italian partners are the Territorial Pacts Sangro Aventino, Puglia, Matese, Corleonese, Sarnese, and on our side the city of Novi Sad and municipalities of South Bačka District.

5. Territorial environmental balance, project budget €38,000. The Italian partner was the Negri Sud Centre of Environmental Sciences from Sangro Aventina. The project based on survey of environmental indicators.

6. Domicile social services for sanitary integration, project budget €39,000. The project was completed in cooperation with the Territorial Pact Sangro Aventino.

7. Feasibility study for the Vojvodina agro-food science and technology park, project budget over €40,000. The Italian partner is Umbria Region.

8. Internships in the field of rural development, project budget over €20,000. The project involved the improvement of project proposals of Vojvodina municipalities. The Italian partners were institutions from Ferrara and Ravenna”, said Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs.

Siniša Lazić, Vice-president of the Assembly of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, emphasized the importance of bilateral cooperation with Italy, and pointed out that the projects strengthened our partnerships and no one should be surprised that Italy is one of the closest trade partners of our country. The guests from Italy, Vincenzo Donato, representative of the Ministry of Economic Development of Republic of Italy, and Ana Zambrano, representative of the Embassy of Italy, stressed the importance of strengthening partnerships with institutions from the Republic of Serbia, especially Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. In addition to happiness because of the signing of contract between Fiat and Zastava yesterday, wishes to develop bilateral cooperation and new European projects in the forthcoming period were expressed.