Closing conference of the European project HuRiSu

A press conference upon the closing event of the European project – Human Right Sunrise (HuRiSu) has been organized jointly by South Backa Administrative District, Students’ Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and Office for European Affairs of AP Vojvodina. “Institutions from Vojvodina have shown readiness to develop quality projects by means of which they can apply for EU funds. A new programme, to which we can submit project applications, opens practically each month. This project is on human rights which are important for establishing contacts with EU Member States. I am very pleased that we can welcome representatives from Italy, Spain and Greece, not only from institutions, but from the civil sector and students as well”, said Predrag Novikov, director of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and announced future projects with Umbria in the field of environmental protection and energy efficiency.

The guest from Umbria, Partizia Spaga of NGO “Tamat” said that the existing partnership between the two regions could be strengthened by networking students’ associations, which is one the goals of the projects. Namely, a part of the HuRiSu project is a board game dealing with human rights and there will be a competition in the board game among students from Greece, Spain, Italy and students of the University of Novi Sad. The aspects of the project were also discussed by Darija Šajin, head of South Backa District and Vladimir Kozbašić, on behalf of Students’ Cultural Centre of Novi Sad. The projects HuRiSu has been financed by the European Commission.