Exhibition “Cultural heritage of Vojvodina Hungarians” held in Brussels

On March 5, 2019, an exhibition titled "Cultural heritage of Vojvodina Hungarians" 
was held in the Hungarian cultural center "Balashy Institute" in Brussels, 
which was organized by the member of the European Parliament, Mr. Andor Dely, 
with the contribution of the Office of AP Vojvodina in Brussels.
The exhibition of photographs representing not only the cultural, architectural and 
historical heritage of Vojvodina Hungarians, but of Vojvodina in general, 
was organized by Dr. Leda Siling. The guests were addressed at the opening of the exhibition 
by the bilateral ambassadors of Serbia and Hungary in the Kingdom of 
Belgium, NJ: E: Mrs. Marina Jovićević and NJ. E. Dr. Tamas Ivan Kovač. 
The ambassadors emphasized the excellent cooperation between the two countries, and their 
common pride in the coexistence and conditions enjoyed by both national minorities, both in Serbia and in Hungary. MP Andor Deli pointed to the great cultural heritage of the Vojvodina Hungarians, and to prominent personalities who contributed to the development of Hungarian, as well as European, cultural heritage.
The AP Vojvodina office in Brussels enabled the present guests to taste Vojvodina wines, 
and prepared promotional materials in order to promote the tourist offer of our province.