Presentation of institutions of AP Vojvodina in the Gorenjska region

Last week, the institutions of AP Vojvodina have had a successful presentation in Kranj and Gorenjska region, which was organized by the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, within the framework of the study visit of the fourth generation of the Specialised Programme “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds”.
During the stay in the Gorenjska region, the experts of the Regional Development Agency Gorenjska presented themselves to the participants. Vidosava Enderić, Director of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, discussed with them the enhancement of regional cooperation, so as to increase the social and economic development of the institutions of both regions and networking in the light of future joint EU projects. A visit to successful EU projects of Kranj was also organized. The participants visited the Kranj Regional Development Agency, where they were welcomed by Rok Šimenc, Director of the Kranj Development Agency. Mr. Šimenc presented the region, as well as the work of the agency, which has been operating since 1995 as a link between the regional and national levels. The Agency works with municipalities, companies, chambers of commerce, non-governmental organizations, ministries and other national institutions. It encourages the work of the Gorenjska region, which is composed of 18 municipalities. Jelena Vidović, project manager at the Gorenjska Development Agency, presented a number of projects successfully implemented by the Agency. The project which are very proud of is the Planica Nordic Center that involved the reconstruction and equipping of the ski ramp and the construction of a racing stadium for Nordic disciplines. The total value of the project was EUR 47.4 million, while the EU contribution amounted to EUR 33.7 million. The project was implemented in the budget period 2007-2013. The Lead Beneficiary of the project was the Planica Institute of Sports of the Republic of Slovenia. Mateja Korošec, programme leader at the Agency, presented the tourism of the Gorenjska region.
In order to present the Fund in the best way to the hosts, a presentation on its work and competencies was organized, with a special focus on EU co-financed projects implemented in the AP Vojvodina. Discussions were held on the topic of cultural, economic and tourist potentials of Vojvodina, which, as pointed out, is an attractive partner for the creation of joint projects that would be of mutual interest. Moreover, Nikola Žeželj, Director of the Vojvodina Development Agency, presented his institution, while the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina was presented by one of the participants of the Specialized Programme. As for the hosts, the Chamber of Commerce of the Gorenjska region and SORA Development Agency were presented to the guests.