Enhancement of regional cooperation with Upper Austria

Srđan Mačkić, Head of the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels hosted Gerald Lonauer, PhD, Director of the Liaison Office of Upper Austria in Brussels. The topic of the meeting was former cooperation between the two regions, which is regulated by a number of interregional agreements and exchange of letters of intent. The common conclusion is that there is room for the expansion of cooperation, because until now only cooperation between the University of Novi Sad and Linz has been realized. During the meeting in Brussels, the representatives discussed the establishment of cooperation between development agencies, opportunities for SMEs and joint engagement in programme of the European Commission – Horizon 2020.

Given that a new administration had recently been elected in the capital of Upper Austria, the prospects of meetings at the highest level in the future were also discussed. Moreover, Gerald Lonauer PhD expressed his full support for the Republic of Serbia in the process of EU integration and used the opportunity to offer the assistance of Upper Austria and its representatives in Brussels.