Entrepreneurs of Lombardy (Italy) interested in opening a production facility in AP Vojvodina

The representatives of AP Vojvodina in Brussels welcomed Dr Umberto Aliato, owner of Italian textile company “Inveruno” from Milan. This family company, established in 1975, is engaged in the production and processing of textiles, especially its high-tech processing and final stage of processing.
Dr Aliato said that he was interested in opening a production facility in AP Vojvodina, resulting from the intensive promotion campaign of economic advantages that the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels had been conducting in Lombardy (Italy) in the past two years. In March 2017, at the initiative of Marco Zanni, MEP, the first conference was organised to promote the economy of Vojvodina, in which Ognjen Bjelić, Provincial Secretary, participated. After that, a series of meetings were held in Brussels with the political and business representatives of Lombardy. At the end of 2017, the Vojvodina delegation, led by Igor Mirović, President of the Provincial Government, paid an official visit to Lombardy. During the visit, in addition to the meeting with Roberto Maroni, President of Lombardy, when the Memorandum of Cooperation between the two regions was signed, there was a series of meetings with representatives of commerce and industry, scientific and educational institutions and others.
Srđan Mačkić, Head of Office, informed the guest about a number of investment and logistical advantages that Vojvodina and Serbia provided, which were Vojvodina’s advantage over competitive regions. The owner of “Inveruno” company was most attracted to the competitive electricity price, affordable tax incentives, as well as a good connection with Italy. The best guarantee was the presence of a large number of Italian businessmen in Vojvodina, i.e. Serbia where the Italian entities were among the largest investors.
The relevant conclusions of the meeting were forwarded to the Development Agency of Vojvodina. To serve as a reminder, businessmen of Lombardy have invested around EUR 800 million in AP Vojvodina, i.e. they currently employ a bit over 1000 people.