Info days held in Sombor Senta and Novi Sad

Within the Antenna of Creative Europe Culture Desk Serbia project, three info days have been held in Sombor, Senta and Novi Sad. The topics addressed by the cultural actors were the priorities and objectives of the Creative Europe program, with particular reference to the ongoing call for European cooperation projects, competitive procedures, as well as project ideas and concepts.

This year’s call for European cooperation projects will be open for about another month, and it was a good moment to address possible pending questions.

European cooperation projects are an opportunity to obtain additional funds to accomplish ideas, network with key stakeholders on the international scene and establish credibility of cultural organizations at the international level. The call supports the projects of cultural institutions and organizations, involving the partnership of at least two organizations from Europe, focusing on audience development, enhancement of mobility or capacity building. So far, dozens of European cooperation projects have been supported, in which over 100 institutions and organizations from Serbia have participated.