The experience of Italian regions in urban management

Based on the cooperation between the province administration and colleagues from the Italian region of Umbria, the conference “European Regulations and Integrated Approach in Urban Waste Management” has been held at the Fair “INVESTEXPO”. The initiative for a similar session and actualization of issues related to urban waste has existed since spring this year, when the delegation of the Italian region of Umbria was in visit to Vojvodina. During the visit, the president of Gruppo Gesenu, one of the reference firms of this Italian region, suggested that, within the Protocol on Cooperation between Umbria and Vojvodina, a great deal of experience of Gruppo Gesenu is offered, which would result in informing the local administration on new and efficient solutions for urban and other waste management, finding solutions and technical assistance when necessary. With reference to undertaken obligations, Gruppo Gesenu has been the host to public companies of Vojvodina and local and provincial administration on several occasions.
During the visit, companies dealing with urban waste presented their European experience in the field.
“It is in our country’s interest to speed up the process of implementation of European standards and regulations and in that process it is important that we receive support from regional partners with whom we have improved cooperation. Umbria is one of such regions. This area is certainly a great development opportunity, through the establishment of joint companies with Italian colleagues and use of substantial European funds aimed at this programme and similar ones. Initiatives in environmental protection and rural development make up almost a half of the European budget and therefore it is important that relevant institutions, municipalities, provincial administration and others speed up the preparations for the improvement of our resources”, said Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European affairs while opening the conference.