Eastern Serbia has asked for its place in Brussels together with Vojvodina

Having visited Niš, Dimitrovgrad, Užice and Kragujevac, the representatives of the Office for European Affairs have also visited Timočka Krajina. In addition to appearing on regional TV stations, Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, also discussed with the mayor of Zaječar about the elements of future cooperation.

“In the economic and political vortex in which the country is, it is very important that the message of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance is sent to our regional partners in the country. Vojvodina’s goal is to have strong partners, and I am pleased to say that after the regions of Niš and Užice, with whom we have signed a Memorandum on Cooperation, there is an initiative to do a similar thing with Šumadija and Timočka Krajina, i.e. with Western Serbia as well. Issues of national importance should be left to the highest government bodies, yet it is most important that new initiatives are promoted through joint projects and active participation of local and regional levels, which could contribute to the promotion of EU values, economic development and inflow of new direct investment. We are ready to send our experts at once in order to provide assistance to Eastern Serbia, Zaječar, Bor and other places, so that they could use EU funds within the framework of cross-border cooperation (CBC) with Romania and Bulgaria in the most efficient way. Over €12 million from these two programmes will be at our disposal, and I believe that our friends from Zaječar and other parts of Eastern Serbia will be able to make the best use of that. Last year representatives of more than 20 municipalities from South and Central Serbia received training at the Office for European Affairs, and we aim at opening up to our colleagues the European doors of our regional partners in Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Hungary and other countries. Regarding regional cooperation, Vojvodina has achieved a lot, and we are ready to share that good with others as well”, said Novikov Boško Ničić, Mayor of Zaječar, expressed his wish for the representative of Zaječar, i.e. Eastern Serbia to be together with Vojvodina in Brussels.

“Eastern Serbia would like to have a seat and place within the Vojvodina representation office because it is the best way for us to be at places where decisions are made and where we can present our capacities to European partners”, said Ničić.