Vojvodina European Office presented the AP Vojvodina within the framework of the Europe Day at the CoR

At the Committee of the Regions (CoR), AP Vojvodina also had its stand, where the tourist offer, cultural heritage and natural beauties of Vojvodina, provincial institutions, as well as the activities of the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels were presented.

The visitors to the Vojvodina stand had the opportunity to taste different wines produced in Vojvodina at the Deurić and Mačkov Podrum wine cellars, as well as the Empatija brandy. The special edition of the “Hello – Travel Vojvodina” magazine, which was recently organized for the purpose of international promotion of the tourist offer of AP Vojvodina. The Vojvodina European Office in Brussels and the Tourist Organization of Vojvodina have made a joint presentation for the second time during the Europe Day in Brussels.

A number of visitors had an opportunity to talk to the Provincial Secretary Ognjen Bjelić who also took an active role in presenting the northern province. The stand of AP Vojvodina was also visited by the members of our delegation of the Joint Consultative Committee of the CoR and Serbia, who had had a session the day before in Brussels.

In total, this year’s event, which was an opportunity to present the AP Vojvodina, was considered successful, and it is proved by nearly 3,000 satisfied visitors of the CoR.