AP Vojvodina office in Brussels at the Round Table about Belgian – Serbian economic relations

On the occasion of the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Nikola Selaković, to the Kingdom of Belgium, a round table was organized in Brussels on September 16th, where the participants had the opportunity to discuss the business results so far, as well as the prospects of Belgian- Serbian economic relations. The meeting was attended by representatives of Belgian companies that are already operating successfully in the Republic of Serbia, ie that have serious intentions to start their own business and invest in opening new production facilities in our country. Belgian companies, the meeting was attended by representatives of several regional development agencies such as the Flemish Investment and Trade Agency (Flanders Investment and Trade), the Walloon Development Agency (AWEX), and the largest association of Flemish entrepreneurs (UNIZO) with which the AP Vojvodina Office in Brussels has many years of successful cooperation and communication. At the opening of the event, Minister Selaković informed the representatives of the Belgian economy about the current economic indicators, infrastructure projects that have been done, ie whose completion is expected in the coming period and which will significantly increase the competitiveness of the Serbian economy and entities operating in Serbia and AP Vojvodina. The importance of dual education that will be introduced at universities was also emphasized, as well as incentive measures that are applied at different levels of government, and the advantages due to the fact that Serbia has signed a Free Trade Agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union. After the round table, in the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Belgium, a meeting was held between Minister Selaković and representatives of the Belgian company, which is actively considering the possibility of opening a production plant on the territory of AP Vojvodina. The meeting was also attended by the head of the APV Office in Brussels, Srdjan Mačkić, since the APV Office established contact with this company during 2019, and mediated in its connection with the Development Agency of Vojvodina. In cooperation with the Development Agency of Vojvodina, the representatives of this Belgian company visited several locations on the territory of AP Vojvodina at the beginning of 2020, but further activities were interrupted at that moment due to the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic. The meeting confirmed the readiness of the Belgian partner to continue cooperation with the relevant institutions from the Republic of Serbia, and further work on the preparation and implementation of this project is expected.