Office for European Affairs and Italian experience for Vojvodina village

A meeting between the Italian partner, Mr. Giancarlo Malacarne and interested representatives of local self-government and institutions of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina was held at the Office for European Affairs yesterday regarding the realization of the “Local Action Groups (LAG) for Rural Development” project, which will be realized within the INePS cooperation program with the Republic of Italy. In addition to presenting the Po River Delta region, which is similar to Vojvodina, Malacarne, President of LAG Delta 2000, introduced the project itself giving special attention to the Italian legal framework as per which LAGs are formed and how they could be organized in our country. The participants in the meeting were representatives of the Provincial Secretariat of Agriculture, Water-management and Forestry, Tomaševac Local Community, Subotica Public Utility Company “Čistoća i zelenilo”, South Bačka Administrative District, Subotica Municipality, Tourist Organization of Bački Petrovac Municipality, Mali Idjoš Municipality, Citizens’ Association “Ukrštanje”, Irig Municipality, Development Fund for Young People, Tourist Organization of Temerin Municipality, etc., who were most interested in presenting their ideas and the situation on site to the guest.

The final result of Delta 2000 Project will be that the best development plans of local self-government, institutions and associations will have an opportunity to be improved in Italy, thus become ready for application for EU funds.