Office for European Affairs and Swedish partners for closer cooperation and short-term investments

Upon our Swedish partner’s invitation, the Director of Office for European Affairs, Predrag Novikov visited Swedish institutions at the level of relevant state ministries, the region and the city of Stockholm. The topics discussed were the following: strengthening of institutional cooperation, design of projects aimed at transferring high Swedish living standards, as well as initiation of establishing contacts between the cities in Sweden and our country. During the visit, a lot of meetings were held with economists from the Region of Stockholm.

“Vojvodina does not wish to wait. We are launching a series of new projects with Scandinavian partners. We have already organized a delivery of humanitarian aid for the benefit of disabled persons in our province, whereas cooperation in education resulted in the procurement of computer equipment and in the visit of our students and teachers to Sweden. Likewise, a number of sporting and cultural events have been held. The aim of my visit to Sweden is to take a step further in addition to the already existing activities. There are plans for the visit of Swedish economists this autumn, who are going to investigate the prospects of investing into Vojvodina in the sectors of energy and agriculture“, said Predrag Novikov.