Office for European Affairs becomes a partner of the European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht

Novi Sad/Maastricht, 8 July – During his stay in Maastricht, the Director of the Office for European Affairs, Predrag Novikov talked to the representatives of the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA). It was agreed that the Office for European Affairs would be the Institute’s partner in the Republic of Serbia and that it would provide support to the administration in Vojvodina and in the whole country. During his visit to Maastricht, Novikov attended the seminar “The State of Integration in the EU Financial Sector”, where he talked to the management of European Commission’s DG Internal Market and Services, Department of Banking and Investments. EIPA’s management provided full support for the creation of partnership with the Office for European Affairs and hoped that the most advanced knowledge would be transferred to the Republic of Serbia if continuous training was provided to the people of our administration, which would also contribute to the strengthening of the process of our country’s integration to the EU. – The strategic interest of our Province is to use all the chances of Europeisation. It is necessary for our people to be educated, to be informed about the procedures, to have knowledge of foreign languages and to have direct contacts with the highest representatives of European institutions. In the Province of Vojvodina, the Office for European Affairs will continue striving for more and more people to obtain qualitative knowledge, and for more and more funds to be used, and in that way to contribute to the raise of our citizens’ living standards. After the British Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, Institute of the Regions of Europe, Salzburg, European Policy Centre (EPC), Brussels, and French Institute for International Relations (Institut français des relations internationales – IFRI), Paris, we have also become a partner of the European Institute of Public Administration. The European Institute of Public Administration was founded by the support of the European Commission and other European institutions, so that knowledge on the process of EU integration could be transferred all over the continent in the most efficient manner. The Institute is also the official educational institution of a lot of European ones.