Office for European Affairs agreed with Slovenian Centre for European Perspective on training for Vojvodinian administration

In coordination with the Embassy of Republic of Serbia in Ljubljana, Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs visited the Slovenian Centre for European Perspective (Center za evropsko prihodnost, CEP), operating within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia. He discussed with Elvin Klobas, Director of CEP, about possible future cooperation on European partnership development. ”During the visit, we agreed on developing a project on capacity building of the Province administration and institutions, which are directly or indirectly engaged in EU affairs. The project will be implemented in cooperation with a greater number of municipalities, not only in the Province, but also in the whole country. The focus will be on training for the administration in EU funds management. Unless we have people with knowledge of complex procedures, we will not be able to take full advantage of the great opportunity IPA Funds offer. Therefore, our strategic interest is not to miss a single chance of transferring necessary knowledge and funds to our country” said Novikov.

Elvin Klobas, Director of CEP, confirmed Slovenia’s willingness to set aside means in their budget for our partnership.”After Vojvodina’s Office for European Affairs submits a project proposal, we are prepared to realize the initiatives in socio-economic development, intensification of Europeisation and institutional building in Vojvodina and Serbia”, said Klobas. The aforementioned projects will be realized by establishing contacts between relevant Slovenian and Vojvodinian institutions, who will then have the task to transfer the attained standards to other pars of the country.