KEP participates in the work of “Bio Alpe-Adria-Panonia”

On the basis of a successfully completed European project, MATRIOSCA, in which the Executive Council of AP Vojvodina also participated as a member through the Office for European Affairs, a meeting of the “Bio Alpe-Adria-Pannonia” Project was held in Maribor, Slovenia in the past few days. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Vojvodina. During the discussion, emphasis was placed on the development of eco-tourism and transfer of knowledge on production and supply of organic products. Project preparation in organic food production is an excellent way to involve relevant institutions of AP Vojvodina, such as relevant provincial and municipal bodies and organic producers, “eco-farmers”, in European projects.

“Vojvodina has a good capacity for eco-food production, with the accent on organic food production of certified products of vegetable and animal origin. In the forthcoming period, it is necessary to activate projects which would concretely contribute to the development of this branch. EU funds within CBC programmes and SEE funds certainly present an opportunity which should be used”, said Sanja Čuturilov, Office for European Affairs, who participated in the meeting.