Concretization of relations with Hesse top level meeting in Brussels

The delegation of AP Vojvodina, in visit to Brussels regarding the European Week of Regions and Cities, met with the delegation of the German federal state of Hesse, led by Marc Weinmeister, State Secretary for European Affairs, in Brussels on 8 October.

The meeting was also attended by the heads of the offices of Vojvodina and of Hesse in Brussels, Srdjan Mačkić and Friedrich von Heusinger, respectively. The offices in Brussels made a significant contribution to the cooperation of the two regions, and on this occasion, the topic of discussion was the continuation of cooperation, i.e. its institutionalization by signing the cooperation agreement.

István Pásztor, President of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, reminded of the fact that a joint statement by the Assembly of AP Vojvodina and Parliament of Hesse was signed in March 2012, when both regions clearly expressed their intention to cooperate more closely and concretely.

“We intend to have good and fruitful cooperation, partnership and friendly relations, as is the case with the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. As far as the Provincial Government and the competent secretariat are concerned, there is good will to do so. We need support and assistance in any case because we are facing a serious and difficult path of EU integration and it is important for us to have friends who will help us with their experience in this process”, said President Pásztor.

Marc Weinmeister, State Secretary for European Affairs, welcomed the intention to concretize the cooperation between the two regions, pointing out that there was positive opinion of the competent ministries, and especially emphasized the interest in the field of university cooperation. Talking about the integration of the Republic of Serbia into the EU, he expressed his satisfaction with the efforts of our institutions on that path so far and offered the support of the federal state he represented.

In principle, both sides indicated that the cooperation agreement between AP Vojvodina and Hesse would be signed until the end of the year.