Coronavirus: implications for the implementation of the European Commission programme

The European Commission has published guidance for programme users on any changes to coronavirus-conditioned projects.

If the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus interferes with the implementation of the project or contractual obligations, the first step for all programme users is to notify the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) by sending an email to the responsible person on the project they are usually in touch with or a message to official contact actions and describe in detail the problem and its impact on project implementation.

In any case, the following flexibility measures will apply:

1) Approval of costs of current activities:

In cases where individuals are prevented from participating in programmes, meetings or events – for example, due to recent contact with someone who is infected with the virus or staying in a high-risk area – EACEA may consider eligible * travel or accommodation costs * cannot be canceled and refunded from other sources, provided that the programme beneficiaries submit the appropriate supporting documents (above all proof that they have requested a refund and that they have been refused).

2) If COVID-19 prevents the implementation of activities:

If the execution of contractual obligations is hindered by COVID-19 – for example due to the inaccessibility of key personnel, the inability to perform work in a virus-affected zone, or any other case that may be considered force majeure – the EACEA may accept replacement of activities or delayed execution. The programme user needs to submit a justified request for modification of the contract, including the extension of its implementation / execution period.


Programme users should collect and save all relevant documentation that may be needed in the later phase in order to prove/justify every brought decision which concerned the implementation of the project – especially from the financial view.

* under condition that they fulfill general eligibility conditions of established by the contract.

Follow the EACEA website to be informed on all new measures.