EU funding opportunities in culture

EU funding opportunities in culture

Source of funding Autonomous Province of Vojvodinа
Project partners
  1. European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Serbia
  2. Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information, Serbia
  3. Ministry of Culture and Information, Serbia
  4. Creative Europe Desk Serbia
Area of intervention Institutional capacity building
Project start 01. Nov 2014 – 31. Dec 2020
Project description Overall objective:

To provide support to institutions of culture and civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Republic of Serbia seeking to participate in the Creative Europe programme. Creative Europe Desk Serbia implements the Culture sub-programme under the Creative Europe programme.

Expected results:

(1)    A catalogue of project proposals by the institutions of culture of Vojvodina in collaboration with the Provincial Secretariat produced;

(2)    Protocol on Cooperation between the Ministry for Culture and Information, Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information and European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina (2014) signed;

(3)    Antenna of Creative Europe Desk Serbia, as a part of the Fund established;

(4)    Two Desk info days, one in Zrenjаnin, the other one in Vršac, organised;

(5)    Two workshops ‘’Development of idea and preparation for project application submission“ organised in Novi Sad until the end of the year;

(6)    Several educational programmes and activities in Belgrade and Serbia, to be adapted to national experts’ different levels of experience in the submission of project applications in culture under EU programmes, as well as to those having no experience in the submission of applications under the calls, organised.

Main activities:

In order to increase the number of participants from Serbia, in cooperation with the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, the Fund will continually organize:

(1)    Seminars, training courses and other educational activities to transfer know-how and skills necessary for submitting applications for funds;

(2)    Conferences in the field of cultural policy and management;

(3)    Projects to animate potential applicants from the Republic of Serbia;

(4)    Promotion of the Creative Europe and other EU progrаmmes;

(5)    Implementation of different types of projects related to the development of the audience, career, modern business and software models, and other priorities of the Creative Europe programme;

(6)    Training courses at the institutions of culture, in direct work with the employees (In-house training);

(7)    Presentation of successful projects from Serbia, the region and Europe;

(8)    Design and implementation of development projects aimed at improving the local cultural system and international cooperation (initiation, implementation and collection of existing research and statistics in culture).

Target groups: Cultural institutions and CSOs, NGOs, employees of the Provincial Secretariat of Culture and Public Information

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