An opportunity for Vojvodina to present itself at the Balkan Trafik Festival in Brussels

At the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels, on 17th November, a meeting was held between Srđan Mačkić, Head of the Vojvodina European Office, and Nicolas Wieërs, Belgian television director and producer of the Balkan Trafik Festival, which has traditionally been held in Brussels for a number of years, and since this year, it has its Paris edition.

The main goal of the Balkan Trafik Festival is to promote intercultural dialogue and create a space where members of different communities can exchange knowledge and experience through art in the atmosphere of community and interaction with artists. In a 12-year period, the festival has succeeded in becoming the key and most visited cultural event in Brussels promoting the art of our region, at which the most significant names of the cultural scene from the Balkans have performed.

The discussion touched upon the possibility of involving organizations and institutions from Serbia and AP Vojvodina. First of all, interest was expressed for the city of Novi Sad and the projects OPENS 2019 (European Youth Capital 2019), NS 2021 (European Capital of Culture 2021) and the EXIT festival. It was announced that Wieërs, director of the festival, might visit Vojvodina in the following period, and the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels offered its support in establishing direct contacts with the representatives of relevant organizations.